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Solar thermal power generation technology & Commercialization of clean technology infrastructure



Solar thermal power generation technology & Commercialization of clean technology infrastructure

Summary of Our Business

Beam-Down Solar Collector technology
Beam-Down Solar Collector technology

Beam-down solar collectors focus sunlight onto a heliostat and central mirrors, channeling it to a ground level receiver.

There, the heat can be stored for later use, making a round-the-clock solar thermal power generation system possible.

Cross Over Sun-Tracking Heliostat
Cross Over Sun-Tracking Heliostat

Cross Over Sun-tracking Heliostat adopt a completely different technology from conventional ones such as and Altazimuth- and Gyro-mount (SolarFlame’s Patent technology).

An electric power consumption for the motor motion is less than 1/10 ~ 1/100. This enables us to make the heliostat motion self-powered.

This also makes it possible to omit the AC-cabling for the heliostat power supply.

These technologies realize the mega solar of PV solar power generation system at the most cost effective for the installation and maintenance of the helsiostat.

Solar sharing
Solar sharing

Solar sharing is a new way of producing clean energy without compromising food production.

Cross Over Sun-Tracking (CRO) Heliostats are installed in the farm land(see photo). Since the PV panel mounted on the heliostat moves around the pillar which makes the shadow turning around the pillar.

Thus the land is used simultaneously for both agriculture (or other purposes, like picnics and barbecues) and power generation. Solar sharing is based on the fact that most plants don't need all sunshine they receive in an open field. Plants do need light for photosynthesis, but only to a certain point.

Everything beyond this saturation point does not increase photosynthesis and can even be harmful (e.g. causing more evaporation and lack of moisture).

A large and high farm machine can be used, since the distance between heliostats provides a fairly wide land space by declining the PV panels of the CRO-heliostat.

A Message From CEO


SolarFlame is the venture company of Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT), Japan, and keeps the key patent technologies licensed from TIT. We, SolarFlame, are further improving these patent technologies with a higher priority to other related technologies.These improved ones have been practically adopted to the global environment recovery.

So far, we have carried out the international corroborative project with Abu Dhabi (Beam Down Tokyo Tech CSP technology), India (Cross Linear Tokyo Tech CSP Technology, Australia (Solar H2 generation system using Tower concentration system) for development of CSP (concentrated solar power) technology.

Recently, we have succeeded in the development of the innovative sun-tracking PV power generating system (Cross Over Sun-tracking PV system). This system can provide 1.5 times higher solar power by reducing the shadow interference between the PV panels carried on the tracking system. This is superior to the conventional sun-tracking system and certainty for practical sun-tracking PV power generation system.

"At present, we are using the both of fossil and solar at the same time, even today”. Based on this situation, I have hold an idea for a long of "Innovation of Transient Scenario from fossil to solar energy era". With this innovation, we will be able to take human being to the solar energy era with a steady step using the hybrid fuel produced from solar and fossil. If the hybrid fuel will go on sale at the same price as oil, we can start really crossing the bridge to the solar era.

We are going to contribute to a project renewable energy development using a technology concerning 100% solar H2 (& biomass)production which could be hybridized with fossil energy usage.We have an idea that our innovative sun-tracking PV power generation system could be hybridized with fossil, and that the hybrid fuel will be mass produced at a more effective production cost.

Finally, I would like to say one thing; “We SolarFlame are aiming at establishment of “Tokyo Tech research fund”for young professors working on clean energy.”

About SolarFlame

Registered Name SolarFlame Corporation
Date of Incorporation August 1, 2012
  • Yutaka Tamaura, CEO
  • Saburou Sato, Chairman
  • Mitsuru Horikoshi, Technical officer
  • Akiko Takaku, CFO
Paid-in Capital 33,800,000 Japanese Yen

5-10-8 Shimbashi,Minato-ku, Tokyo105-0004, JAPAN


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